As well as my illustrations I like to create things, here’s a few things I’ve been making..

Using recycled wrapping paper from some beautifully wrapped christmas presents, An old frame and mount, and some decorative push pins, I have made a lovely Moomin jewellery hanger.


A selection of cusion covers I made using old clothing,curtains and other recycled materials.

cush 7


cush 5

cush 6



A string box I found and sanded then painted.

A box I found in a charity shop. It started life all shiny and varnished and now is our lovely first aid box.

Christmas Presents.

Fabric and clay decorations.

Tea light holders.

Merry Christmas bunting.

Bird dishs.

A deer dish.

Cat figure and bowl.

Tea light holder.

Tea light holder.

Salt and pepper pots.

A cushion for Jude and Jade.

A cushion for Kara and Kian.

Fabric decorations.

Bird needle case.

A leaf dish.


Older crafts.

A button picture I helped my daughter make for her friend.

I fancied trying my hand at a bit of cross stitch, it took a lot longer than I had expected to finish.

Some of the ceramics I made at a recent pottery class I attended.

Some bunting I made.

I found this cupboard in a charity shop, A quick lick of paint, A few nails and voila… a new jewelery holder.


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