Here’s a few cards I’ve made for various events…

Wedding invites for a forthcoming wedding. The designs were laser cut and each finished with a ribbon at the top to hold the front design and the back printed invite together. There is no ribbon in this photo as I was unable to photograph the final invites before sending them on.


A birthday card.

Two young childrens birthday cards.

The cheshire cat on a bithday card, for a friend who had an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.

A simple cut out birthday card.

This is a wedding card for my cousin.

Another wedding card, lovebirds again but painted instead of cutout.

A birthday card for a friend named Chris peel.

A birthday card for a friend.

A birthday card for a friend.

A birthday card for a younger friend.

A birthday card for a friend.

Four card designs for any occasion.


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  1. I love your work Amanda. Would love to buy some of your cards.
    With love from Rita. Your Mums friend.

    • Rita,the fact you like my work means a lot to me, ive always admired your paintings and even have a little painted clock on my bedside table you gave me when I was small. If you email me letting me know which designs your interested in I will check my stock and let you know prices etc. Much love Amanda x


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